What our Customers are Saying…

Give him a call awesome work performed. He built me a 2 car garage family room addition!

~Gary Y., January 2015

They have done several jobs for me, I am always happy with there work.

~John M., January 2015

Your crew from Yates Builders under the direction of Shawn Yates did a magnificent job. It was very obvious from the start that they were a professional, well-coordinated team who worked with upmost care for our property from start to finish. They demonstrated exceptional courtesy to my wife and me as homeowners. I just thought you would appreciate feedback on the performance of one of your crews whose service to us as we are certain is to others, was of such high quality.

~Herbert S., September 2014

To all my friends, co-workers and acquaintances in the Cincinnati area. If you ever need any roofing work done please read on.

I just wanted to share some information that may come in handy some day. I had a new roof installed on my house approximately 5-6 years ago by a small company out of Wilmington, OH called Yates Builders. Everything went fine and they did a great job. However, a few months ago, I noticed some water stains in one room upstairs. Unfortunately, it was my daughter’s game room which I’m hardly ever in so I never noticed the stains.

I called, Shawn, who is the owner of Yates and left a message. He called me right back and I explained to him that his company put a new roof on my house 5-6 years ago and that I went with the 30 years shingles. I asked him how long does he guarantee his work for and he said 5 years. Without so much as another word, Shawn offered to drive 1+ hours from Wilmington to Northern KY to take a look at the issue. He did this twice and thought he resolved the issue by caulking some areas where he thought could have used it. This did not resolve the issue. After a long rain storm a few days ago, the stains got worse and I called Shawn one more time. Once again, he did not hesitate and stated that this time he was going to inspect the attic since he just couldn’t figure out where the water was coming from. He came out on a Saturday morning and inspected the attic and found the issue. it was the roof cap. Water had been slipping in and traveling down the rafters and dropping in four different areas.

He went out and purchased supplies, ripped out the old cap and replaced it. I asked him if I owe him any money, and he said no. I asked again if he was sure, after all, I’m not even sure that he replaced the original cap in the first place. But he said no and apologized for the inconvenience.

I’m posting this in case anyone needs any roof work done now or in the future. It is a rare occasion, in this day and age, that you find a person who’s willing to stand behind the quality of their work and do the right thing. If you or any of your friends or family need roofing done in the Cincinnati area, please give Yates Builders a look. Tell him George from Independence recommended him. You won’t be disappointing for several reasons:

1. Very reasonable pricing. He was the cheapest of three quotes for my house
2. Provides quality work and stands by it! He’s done at least 1/2 dozen roofs in my neighborhood
3. He is honest and has integrity
4. A+ rating Cincinnati Better Business Bureau

George Almeida
971 Wedgewood Drive
Independence, KY 41051