Siding: Vinyl, Wood, and Hardy Plank

Benefits of Vinyl, Wood, and Hardy Plank Siding for Your Home or Business

Besides having many uses, there are a few siding products, each offering its own group of benefits. The experts at Yates Builders will be able to help you determine which siding material is best to fit your home and budget. Here are a few of the most popular sidings on the market today.


Offered in a variety of hues and textures, vinyl siding is hardwearing making scratches and scuffs hardly noticeable. Vinyl has a high aesthetic appeal because it can easily imitate the appearance of other materials like wood grain and stone. Moreover, vinyl is easy to place over your existing siding and quick to install. It is quite economical compared to other types of siding and maintenance and cleaning is a breeze. Today, you can also find vinyl products designed with improved energy efficiency.


Most homeowners choose wood siding for its natural characteristics. Depending on preference, wood can be found in various grades that can be sealed minus any paint color or stain. Cheaper, lower-grade wood siding is more vulnerable to imperfections and is usually stained or covered with paint. Wood siding is long-lasting with consistent and proper maintenance.

Hardy Plank Siding

Adored for its status as a low-maintenance, durable siding, hardy plank siding is becoming more popular in the home renovation sector. Sometimes called “fiber cement siding,” hardy plank siding is economical and is sometimes sold with a 50-year warranty with restricted transferability. Besides possessing extremely durable properties, this siding is resistant to salt corrosion, pest damage and rot. Resistance to fire is another one of this siding’s appealing benefits.

As far as aesthetics go, hardy plank siding can be produced to imitate nearly any material imaginable. As a result, homeowners can create any style they wish while benefiting from the many properties of this durable siding. Hardy plank siding is made from 90% sand and cement.

The siding industry is filled with texture, color and style, as well as a vast choice of material alternatives. For homeowners or business owners looking to protect and modernize their property for more curb appeal, any of the above siding choices are the perfect way to start!

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