Room Additions & Finish Basements

Why Hire Yates Builders to Construct Your Room Additions or Finished Basement in Wilmington, Ohio

Homeowners have a many choices for builders in the area when it comes time to add a room to the house or renovate a basement into a livable space. Yates Builders is the only real choice for quality work. Hiring Yates Builders for additions and renovations can make a real difference for several reasons.


Room Addition in Wilmington OhioYates Builders has extensive experience performing residential construction in the area since 1998. This allows our builders to handle nearly any job. Homeowners can rely on our company to successfully plan and execute even the largest and most complex additions or basements renovations. Our professionals at Yates Builders have what it takes to avoid costly mistakes and overcome problems, or setbacks that may arise during the project.

Trained Professionals

Every member of our team at Yates Builders is a trained professional. Each person who will be working on the addition or renovation has been properly trained to do the job right the first time. Our staff knows the best practices involved in remodeling and never cut corners just to finish the job.

Access to the Latest Materials

Homeowners want a finished basement or addition that will last for a long time. Yates Builders has access to the latest materials for home construction. Homeowners are able to choose from new materials that can increase the energy efficiency of the home and keep the house comfortable. There are new durable materials that will resist damage and staining over time. Our knowledge of and access to these materials makes Yates Builders the right choice for any home renovation.

Professionalism and Respect

Every homeowner wants professionalism as a quality in the contractor they select. Our team at Yates Builders treat every home and client with the professionalism and respect they deserve. In fact, we’ve hung our hat on it! The house will be just as clean when the job is done as it was when we first arrived. The privacy and space of your family will be respected at all times. We will do everything possible to accommodate the needs of your family while working.

Warranties on the Work Done

Barn Renovation Contractor OhioIn addition, another reason to hire Yates Builders is that all work comes with a warranty. This fact gives homeowners peace of mind about the work being performed on their home and shows Yates Builders stands by their word.