Why Hire Yates Builders

Why Yates Builders is the best local choice for your roofing and general contracting in Wilmington, Ohio

We pride ourselves on offering our clients the best service in the community. We have the skills, knowledge, and tools to answer questions, recommend materials, and offer a detailed estimate of services and products for property owners and have been since 1998. Our knowledge of local building codes, dumpster services, and recycling companies helps us get a job completed faster than most. Our professionalism, our customer service, and the finished product aims to please and that’s exactly what we do for our customers!

Yates Builders, in the Wilmington, Ohio area understands that there are harsh winds that come along with some storms that pass through the area because of the flat land that surrounds the city. This knowledge helps them provide lasting services to commercial and residential property owners. Our expert staff knows how to make sure roofing materials are fastened down, how to keep the flashing sealed, and where to recycle metal and wood products to help protect the local environment.

We have long standing relationships with our supplies and stand by our product of choice.

We have years of experience with local temperatures, so we know what caulk and sealers work best in the Wilmington, Ohio climate. This knowledge allows us to fine tune our products and services to meet the exact needs of residents in the community. We have knowledge of all types of roofing materials to help us offer property owners the largest selection of the best products in the Wilmington area. Our use of high-grade products ensures property owners that they are getting a quality roof job with superior materials and service.

Yates Builders has the necessary skills, experience, licensing, products, and services to offer residents and business owners in the Wilmington, Ohio area the best roofing materials and services on the market. Our knowledge gained from hundreds of roof jobs and working in the community for decades gives them a huge advantage that they use to help their customers make informed roofing decisions.