Garage Doors

Installing New Garage Doors for Customers Since 1998 in Wilmington Ohio

A garage door may seem like an instrument that is used to do one action for a homeowner or renter. While it may seem quite simple to use and operate, people may assume that they can install such a unit by themselves. However, the fact of the matter is that a professional should install a garage door.

The first reason a professional should be hired to install a garage door is that garage door installation can be extremely dangerous. Garage door springs are notorious for being tightly wound and having plenty of tension. A spring that is installed incorrectly may result in snapping. Sadly, there are accidents each year because individuals have tried to install or fix garage doors by themselves without contacting a professional. In addition, garage door installation can be complex. If something is not set correctly, the garage door can fall suddenly or cause expensive damage to the unit itself. Our professionals know how to install a garage door safely and correctly.

Another reason to consider hiring us is because we are experienced on how to install a garage door unit quickly and efficiently. Precise measurements are required in order for a garage door to fit correctly. Specific tools are necessary in order for a garage door to work properly and there may be times that carpentry skills are necessary in order for a unit to fit correctly. While it is admirable for nonprofessionals to try to do this work themselves, our professionals know exactly what is needed and have the tools, equipment and knowledge to take care of the situation. Also, electrical skills are necessary in order for the garage door to work effectively. We have the electrical knowledge needed to complete installation of various gears and coordinating the garage door with the garage door opener.

Keep in mind that Yates Builders has the resources and experience necessary to install your new garage door and may be more affordable than you think. We can ensure your new garage door will be installed correctly and quickly. Contact us today for your free estimate!