Tile Flooring

Benefits of Installing Tile Flooring

A change of flooring can instantly make any room look fresh and beautiful. Tile is an incredibly popular choice due to its sleek look and varied array of colors and styles. However, there are more benefits to tile floors than merely the visual appeal. Yates Builders out of Wilmington, Ohio Specializes in Tile floor Installation.

Low Maintenance

Tile floors don’t discolor easily, stand up well to stains, and most of them only require moderate sweeping and mopping on occasion. Tile can be made even more impervious to grime and dirt by sealing and properly grouting it. The grout makes the floor waterproof while the sealant acts as another line of defense against everyday wear and tear and grime buildup.

Easy to Repair

Since tile floors are created in small segments, any tile that is cracked, chipped or broken can easily be lifted and replaced with another tile. Simply cut through the grout, get under the adhesive and pop it up slowly with a putty knife.


Tile flooring is known for its durability. It is incredibly difficult to crack, scratch or break tile flooring and even lower cost tile stands up very well to everyday wear and tear as well as abuse. A properly installed quality tile floor will last for 10 to 20 years and may last even longer with proper care.

Cost Effective

Many people dread replacing their floors because it’s usually so expensive. However, tile beats out both carpeting and hardwood floors easily in the area of pricing. Even if the homeowner chooses the expensive high quality tile, it’s a better investment in the long run since the tile will last much longer than either hardwood or carpet.

No Allergens

One of the most troublesome aspects of carpeting is that it both produces its own allergens and easily captures other allergens in the carpet fibers. This is not only annoying to homeowners but it can also be dangerous depending on the severity of the allergy. Tile doesn’t produce or trap allergens in the flooring, allowing everyone to enjoy the room without worrying about their allergies.